In the age of photoshop, it's hard to tell what's real and what's not anymore.

Whether its a photo of a shark jumping out of a wave, or an actress on the front of a glossy magazines, we're all now ready to claim bullsh*t on a photo that doesn't seem to ring true.

How Do You Become an Action Sports Photographer?

While photoshop is pretty handy (and often hilarious)  when used right, it can be super annoying when we want to see a piece of truly good photography.

These eight amazing photos may have been coloured in production, but still manage to be totally unbelievable without going anywhere near photoshops toolbar....

  1. Forest Vs Forest Fire


2) What Lies Beneath


3) The invisible line between Switzerland and Italy


4) The universe through the city


5) The Inside of a guitar


6) Broken ice


7)  Arizonian Eclipse


8) electricity over the ocean


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