17 Reasons to Just Always Fuel Adventures With Coffee

Off on an adventure? Don't forget to take the most important thing of all...

How did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank his coffee before it was cool.

We aren’t hipsters. But we do love coffee. Coffee is magnificent. If you don’t agree then you’re as well shutting this tab right now, because this is going to be a coffee love in.

Coffee tastes great. It wakes you up in the morning and it can be produced to great effect at any point on an adventure to keep your going.

We need coffee to get us through our daily grind. It helps us when we have a latte on our mind. It helps us espresso ourselves.

But seriously here are 17 reasons you should just drink coffee on your adventures all the fucking time…

1) Coffee can improve your memory

Drinking two eight-ounce coffee cups a day has been proven to improve long-term memory.

2) Coffee contains powerful antioxidants which means it can legitimately make you feel happier

You’re not just imagining it.

3) Coffee can increase your adrenaline and provide better overall mental focus and can even increase physical performance

A Japanese study showed that drinking a five ounce cup of coffee causes a 30% boost in capillary blood flow.

4) Coffee can help you burn more calories while exercising

One study from Spain found that athletes who drunk 12 ounces of coffee before working out burned 15% more calories for up to three hours after exercising. Coffee is great for helping to break down fat cells in the body…

5) Even if you don’t exercise, coffee would help your metabolism

…In fact, it’s so great that it’s been proven to boost metabolism from 10% to 20% for those drinking one to two cups per day. Even without exercise.

6) Minerals and other chemical compounds in coffee help reduce body inflammation and so protect your heart

The caffeine in coffee has nothing to do with this process. Unsurprisingly.

7) Coffee literally reduces pain

A study from the University of Illinois showed that drinking two to three cups of coffee could decreased perceived levels of pain in their subjects. The study focused on post-workout pain, and are backed up by a similar study from the University of Georgia.

So, if you fall off your mountain bike or ski into a tree, it’ll be marginally less painful if you’re high on coffee.

8) Coffee also makes your brain work better

As well as keeping you awake, coffee blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter Adenosine, allowing an increase of other neurotrasmitters like norepinephrine, which means certain areas of your brain – reaction times, vigilance and general cognitive function – are all improved.

So maybe it’ll even help you stay on your mountain bike or avoid that tree on your skis all together!

9) A study From Alzheimer’s Disease Organisation revealed that drinking up to three cups of coffee a day could postpone the onset of Alzheimer’s

Which can only be good!

10) Coffee protects your liver

Coffee has been proven to both prevent cancer of the liver and other common diseases affecting the liver. Coffee can protect against cirrhosis of the liver, where the organ is damaged by scar tissue, by up to 80% in people who drink four or more cups a day. That’s a lot of coffee.

11) Coffee stops gout

Drinking six cups of coffee lowers the risk of gout in men by up to 59%! That’s even more coffee!


The National Cancer Institute determined that people who drink three or more cups of coffee per day are at a 10% lower chance of dying.

14) You get to take photos like this on your adventures

Everyone loves a coffee shot.

15) It makes the world a bit of a better place

Coffee promotes sustainability, and recent years have seen the increasing popularity of fair trade coffee, protecting small coffee farmers around the world.

16) You clearly like coffee so just keep at it

You wouldn’t have made it this far down the page otherwise.

17) Coffee can improve your memory

Oh we’ve already said that one? Sorry. We need more coffee.

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