39 of the Most Ludicrous Things Ever Confiscated by Airport Security

From anti-tank guns to bazookas and even live eels...

Airport anxiety is a real thing. It may not have a special scientific name – let’s call it why-is-this-queue-moving-so-slowly-aphobia – but it’s definitely a real thing. You see people panicking all the time when they’re in the airport about to travel.

Airport anxiety is the reason there’s always that slightly tense atmosphere around the departure lounge, and why people insist of joining the giant queue for the flight as soon as they start boarding, rather than just waiting till the end and strolling on last.

One place where the anxiety really kicks in for many people is during airport security. This is when you’re forced to put your shoes, belt, bags, iPads, ears, fingernails and underwear in a tray and walk through an x-ray machine to make sure you don’t have a bomb hidden somewhere like your lungs.

Everyone is rushing. Everyone is getting in each other’s way. Is it all really necessary? Well, let us let you in on a secret. Yes. It is freakin’ necessary, because some people actually do try and bring some truly preposterous stuff on their aeroplane.

Over in America, where guns are a thing, this gets particularly bad, as you can imagine. That’s what has made the Instagram account of the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, one of the most interesting on the web. The stuff they confiscate is absolutely bonkers.

TSA have racked up a smooth 367,000 followers with their pictures of items they have seized at airports around America, and let us tell you, some of them are ludicrous. Who is seriously trying to bring a grenade through in hand luggage?! And that’s not even the worst of the lot…

1) An Anti-Tank Weapon


2) A Snake


3) A Hatchet


4) A MK 2 Hand Grenade


5) Martial Arts Throwing Stars


6) A Practice Suicide Bombing Jacket


7) A Meat Cleaver


8) A Spear Gun


9) A Load of Gun Stuff


10) A Hollowed-Out Book With Two Throwing Knives


11) A Smoke Grenade


12) 80 Pounds of Marijuana


13) More Gun Stuff


14) Grenade Looking Hot Sauce


15) A Samurai Sword & Bow and Arrow


16) A Cane Sword and Nunchucks


17) A Literal Cannon


18) 92 Pounds of Marijuana


19) A Mortar


20) Another Smoke Grenade



21) Live Eels


22) A Large Antique Sword


23) A Chihuahua


24) A Human Skull


25) Yet Another Smoke Grenade



26) Loads of Throwing Stars


27) Another Practise Explosive Vest


28) Another Grenade


29) This Loaded Gun


30) ANOTHER Live Smoke Grenade… Seriously?!


31) Oh Come On. Really? Again?


32) An Anti-Tank Projectile


33) Pretty Standard By This Point


34) A Fake Bomb Aid


35) Two Birds


36) An Old Military BAZOOKA


37) This is Getting Out of Hand


38) Moooooore Axes


39) And More Guns. Obviously


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