You used to be the one keeping protein shake companies in business. But then one missed workout turned into two... and now you're here. A little sluggish and a lot confused.

You do actually enjoy exercising – how did you manage to forget that?

If this sounds like you and you want to get back on the fitness track, we'll tell you how to get your fitness motivation back.

You Know You’re In A Slump When...

1. It's been so long since you hit the gym, the class timetable has changed.

2. You feel like you should have more energy because you're not wearing yourself out daily. But somehow you have less?

3. When you do work out, your kit doesn’t quite fit like it used to. Maybe it shrunk in the wash? These technical fabrics are delicate.

4. Rather than rushing from the gym in a sweaty mess, you now arrive at work groomed and on time – but somehow feeling less ‘together’.

5. You struggle to sleep, even though you’re knackered.

10 Ways To Get Your Fitness Mojo Back

1. Make it sociable. Think swimming with a mate then going for a (healthy) brunch together afterwards. You won’t cancel if there's someone waiting for you.

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2. Hire a personal trainer. They’re not cheap, but they work – as in, they make you work. You can't hide at the back like in classes, and you definitely won't hit snooze if you're paying by the hour.

Tony Shorton fitness motivation

3. Get that personal trainer to help you find a form of exercise you really love. Something you look forward to and enjoy while you’re doing it (rather than just being delighted when it’s over).

Jeanette Jenkins fitness motivation

4. Once you’ve found a workout that makes you grin, whether it’s hill running, HIIT or reformer Pilates, think of exercise as a treat, not a chore. Fitness studios can be pricey, but swapping it in for a cinema trip or meal out? Totally makes sense.

Barry's bootcamp fitness motivation

5. Book classes for first thing in the morning and lay out your kit the night before. If you work out in the evening, you have the whole day to talk yourself out of it.

fitness kit

6. Plan something scary you'll have to train for if you want to finish it. This is how people end up doing Ironman triathlons – that’s a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycle and a marathon. In one go. Check out our Pick A Challenge section for inspiration.

Warwick tri fitness motivation

7. Join a local sports club. You’ll find expert coaching advice and training buddies galore. Pick a team sport and the fixture list alone will keep you busy!

gotham girls roller derby

8. Choose a special occasion and work towards it. Focus on how it’ll feel to rock up to your best mate’s wedding looking awesome – and then own the dancefloor all night.

PIC via Alice Beverton-Palmer (yep, this is me dancing)

9. Track your meals and exercise with a free app such as MyFitnessPal. If you can monitor your progress, you're more likely to keep up the good work.

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10. Oh, and on a food note: clear out all the unhealthy food from your kitchen. Then start collecting healthy recipes and snack ideas. A beautiful Pinterest board will make you itch to get in the kitchen.

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