pull up

If you're looking to build strength in your back and biceps – or just look really cool while Eye Of The Tiger plays inside your head – then chin-ups and pull-ups are the way forward.

  • These two exercises are excellent for building muscle and increasing strength in the back and biceps.
  • They are also a good way to test your core level of strength and physical condition
  • Chin-ups (under-hand grip) require strength from your biceps, while pull-ups (over-hand grip) require strength from the middle of your back
  • One isn't really 'better' than the other – they simply work different areas of the body
  • For both, don't use momentum to pull yourself up over the bar, instead make sure your back is doing the work

To see the difference between the two moves and to see how to pull-up and chin-ups succinctly explained and demonstrated watch this dude from Sixpack Success.

Chin Ups vs Pull Ups - What's The Difference? By Sixpack Success

Most people – beginners in particular – find chin-ups easier. While you may be able to do ten chin-ups in a row, you may only be able to do six pull-ups. Don't cry about it, it's perfectly normal.

With pull-ups being the more challenging move, here's a buff dude from the Buff Dudes with an in-depth, five-point breakdown of how to do pull-ups like a ninja.

5 Common Pull-Ups Mistakes to Avoid! by Buff Dudes

Thank you, buff dude.