1) You'll never a get a lie-in ever again because they will be up at 5am doing sun salutations


2) They will try and get you to do yoga too. Guaranteed.

"It's really good for you. Trust me!"

Yoga Instructor Teaching Class Couple

3) Your cupboards will be filled with Matcha green tea and Ayurvedic healthy eating plans


4) Your peanut butter toast will soon be replaced with cashew nut butter


5) Going on holiday? The yoga mat is coming too..

Photo: boatpeopleboutique.com

6) Yoga instructors are deceptively strong...

Yoga Instructor Strong Advanced Pose

Photo: Amy Goalen Photography

8) They don't do drama - they are super laid back

Photo: Pinterest

9) They will chant 'Ommm' with genuine seriousness

And you are not allowed to laugh...

Yoga Instructor Zen Meditation

10) You'll often come home to find them flat out on the floor, not moving

They're not dead, they are just in savasana


11) The house will always smell of incense and scented candles


12) And yoga mats, blocks and straps will takeover your living room

Yoga Equipment Gear Mats Blocks

13) And you know the golden rule: never disturb your yogi when they are practicing....