It's not surprising that so many surfers and divers share a love of yoga as well as the ocean.

There's little more calming and meditative on the planet than going under the surface and enjoying the silence of the sea.

Bahamas based Britta Trubridge has found the perfect way to show this connection, through becoming the world's first mermaid yogi....


We love these underwater yoga poses for how they show the beauty of the ocean and the tranquility of yoga.

Trubridge works in the Bahamas as a freediving instructor, combining yoga with her classes to create a meditative state before a dive.

The photos really illustrate her love for the ocean and how to feel closer to it.


We're big fans of this unique way to explore the calming effects of yoga as well as the way it can connect you to the world around you.

Check out Britta's awesome portraits below and find even more on her awesome Instagram account.