1. Yoga Is Really, Really Bad For You

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2. It's Really Boring

Photo: Jamie Anderson

3. And Easy

Photo: Amy Goalen Photography

4. And Unrelaxing

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5. You Have To Stretch For An Entire Hour

Yoga Instructor Teaching Class Couple

6. In A Really Ugly Studio

Yoga Class Beautiful Studio

7. With A Rubbish View

Photo: Nina Zietman

8. There's Never Any Soothing Music Playing

Yoga Music Studio

9. Or Nice Smelling Candles/Incense

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10. The Yoga Instructors Are Really Mean

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11. And Totally Uninspiring

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12. Yoga Won't Make You Feel Less Stressed

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13. Or Stronger

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14. Or More Flexible

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15. It Doesn't Help With Your Surfing...

Surfing Hawaii

16. Or Snowboarding

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17. And Only Women Practise Yoga

18. There's Nothing Fun About Yoga

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19. There's No Variety To The Poses

Photo: Gatwick Airport

20. You Can't Do It At Home

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21. Or Anywhere Beautiful


22. Once You've Been To One Class, You Never Need To Go Again

Photo: practiceyoga.la

23. The Yoga Mats Are Really Ugly

Photo: La Vie Boheme

24. And There's Barely Any Choice Of Outfits To Wear

Photo: Sweaty Betty

25. All Other Yogis Are Really Mean-Spirited People

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26. You Never Make Any New Friends

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27. You Don't Feel Inspired To Eat Better Afterwards

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28. Or Generally Become A Better Person

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29. In Fact, You'll Always Feel Terrible After Yoga

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30. It Doesn't Make You Feel Happy

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31. Or Relaxed

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32. Or Better About Yourself. At All.

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33. Savasana Is Just Awful

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34. So Tell Everyone To Stop Doing Yoga. It Has No Benefits Whatsoever.

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