Pro Surfer Anastasia Ashley Features in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Looks like Alana Blanchard just lost her 'sexiest pro surfer' mantra

This is Anastasia Ashley, she’s a model and pro surfer

She was born in LA 27 years ago

She started surfing at the age six when she moved to Hawaii, here she is in Hawaii:

She’s not currently on the ASP World Tour, but you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of her this year…

She’s perhaps most famous for this twerking warm up video, after all 6m people (encounting) have seen it:

This week she appeared in Sports Illustrates Swimsuit edition in the athletes section

Kate Upton was on the cover by the way, for the third time in a row

SI decided to shoot her in Zero-G

Wait… what?


Where was I?

Get back to work!

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