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Infographic: Men's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Preview

The men's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro - in infographic format

Infographic: Women's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Preview

Facts you need to arm yourself with before watching this week's contest

Mustang Wanted Dead?? When April Fools Goes too Far!

Given the danger of Urban Adventuring no one knew what to believe

Dallas Seavey Wins Iditarod 2014 in Record Time

The 2nd time winner made it home just 2 minutes in front of the runner up

Maikel Melero Wins in Breathtaking Night of the Jumps Showdown

Melero edged out contender Remi Bizouard with a score of 392 points

Dustin Craven and Kazu Kokubo Shredding the Whistler Backcountry

A fine day's shredding from the Monster Energy boys

Surf Fitness Training: Preparing Your Body for a Surf Trip

If you're heading a way for a week or more, two weeks of these exercises will prepare your body

Damien Walters Manages a Loop the Loop... With Only His Feet

You don't need a machine to do this sort of thing (if you're this good)

Sochi 2014 Roundup: USA and Canada Dominate Snowboarding and Freeskiing

Russia tops the overall medal table, but North America hammers Europe in Snowboarding and Freeskiing

How to Win at Winter Olympic Endorsements

Sponsoring athletes and printing them on your cereal box just doesn't cut it anymore

Pro Surfer Anastasia Ashley Features in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Looks like Alana Blanchard just lost her 'sexiest pro surfer' mantra

Sochi 2014: Men's Ski Cross Final Gallery

A French 1-2-3 after Brady Leman crashes out

Sochi 2014: Men's Snowboard Cross in Pictures

Pierre Vaultier of France rides to victory!

6 Reasons Why Nicaragua is a Must Go Surf Destination

Great beaches, great weather, low prices

Winter Olympics Quiz - Week 1

Test your knowledge of this week's action with our first week quiz

10 of the Best Skaters from Outside the USA

Think USA dominates the global skate scene? These 10 will make you think again