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10 Epic Mountain Bike Races You Can Enter

Trek across mountain ranges, continents or entire islands and test yourself against the best!

When: July 20 – 26 2014

Where: Oberammergau, Germany – Lake Garda, Italy

Alpine panoramas, mountain passes and stop offs in world famous cities are the foundations of one of the original European MTB races. The Trans Alp attracts competitors from all around the world and covers 600km and 18km of climbs as it winds through the Alps from Mittenwald in Germany to Lake Garda in Italy.

This race is serious business and you can expect to be cheered on by some 30,000 spectators as you slog your way through incredible scenery. Completing Trans Alps is an unforgettable experience and a great excuse to get some more stamps on your passport!

More information about the Trans Alp.

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