Multi Sport

10 Pictures of Little People Shredding That’ll Make You Look Twice

Welcome to the weird world of Action Sports in Miniature

The little people are taking over! You might not see them out on the streets (they’re pretty small after all) but they’re much harder to miss online.

Like an aggressive Lilliputian invasion force, miniature models seem to be appearing in ever greater numbers on Tumblr, Pinterest and in the work of various street artists.

“WARNING: Some of the following images are decidedly odd!”

While a lot of these mini-men and women can be found doing fairly mundane things (like errr mining mince pies!) we’ve stumbled on a fair few engaging in action sports in the weirdest possible places.

So we thought we’d share them with you, and give a proper critique of their technique while we’re at it.

WARNING: Some of the following images are decidedly odd!

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