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banana snowboarding]

banana snowboarding]

The little people are taking over! You might not see them out on the streets (they're pretty small after all) but they're much harder to miss online.

Like an aggressive Lilliputian invasion force, miniature models seem to be appearing in ever greater numbers on Tumblr, Pinterest and in the work of various street artists.

"WARNING: Some of the following images are decidedly odd!"

While a lot of these mini-men and women can be found doing fairly mundane things (like errr mining mince pies!) we've stumbled on a fair few engaging in action sports in the weirdest possible places.

So we thought we'd share them with you, and give a proper critique of their technique while we're at it.

WARNING: Some of the following images are decidedly odd!

[part title="The Avocado Skatepark"]


That actually looks like it would make a pretty sick bowl, with nice smooth transitions. Forget the rain, all it would take to leave this ramp brown and rotten is a day outside the fridge!

[part title="Skiing Street Signs"]

Alpining 1b - blog

Alpining 1b - blog

Alpining 2 - blog

Alpining 2 - blog

Think that black run you skied on holiday was steep? Well spare a thought for these innocents, tackling a vertical face in Fulham, London.

This comes from the awesome Little People Project blog, which mixes up funny stuff with some pretty dark images - like this one.

[part title="Climbing the World's Smallest Peaks"]

climbing 2

Climbing is an obvious sport for miniature people to get stuck into - everything around them requires ropes, crampons and rappels to get on top of.

We're not 100% sure these guys have got it right though. In that first pic they're sticking a flag on something that even by their standards is pretty tiny. If that dude's 6-foot tall that "mountain" is only about 18-feet tall.

And in the second... well, that rope's not really helping anyone is it? Sort it out little people, sort it out.

[part title="Snowboarding a Bunch of Bananas"]

banana snowboarding]

banana snowboarding]

This is one of our favourites, from a Japanese site called miniature-calendar.com. Given the shoddy state of that lip, this dude's got some serious air.

Shame he's misjudged the trajectory so badly - he's never going to land that is he?

[part title="Cycling on Eggshells"]


We're not sure why these guys chose to cycle over fresh eggs, or really what the chickens are doing in the middle of the road. But we like the miniature Bradley Wiggins out front in his yellow Tour de France leader's journey.

You know the phrase "treading on eggshells?" I guess this is kind of like that, but weirder. I mean if there was a crash stuff could get really messy couldn't it?

[part title="Windsurfing on the Rocks"]


This one, which is also taken from that site miniature-calendar.com, is awesome.

I love the way the guys are rocking appropriately 80s-style speedos and striped windsurfer sails to ride across their Miami Vice era cocktails.

[part title="A Piece of Cake for Evel Knievel"]


Given how modern those cars look, this dude's chosen an interestingly old-school motorbike to try and jump them on. Maybe it's like that bit in Nitro Circus where they whip out the postman's bike and try and backflip on it...

Either way, we can't help but feel he should've put another piece of cake in as a landing mound before sending himself into orbit.

[part title="Sliding Down the Plughole"]

snowboarders in a basin

snowboarders in a basin

Not the brightest place to go skiing or snowboarding, especially given that: A) there's no lift (which is doubtless why those skiers are walking back up) and B) there's a fuck-off gaping plug hole at the bottom of the slope, which you'll end up in whichever way you ride it.

Stupid little people, what were they thinking?

[part title="The Snowy Death"]

Stroll 2 - blog

Stroll 2 - blog

Stroll 1a - blog

Stroll 1a - blog

Stroll 1 - blog

Stroll 1 - blog

This one - again put together by the Little People Project blog - is properly dark.

Especially given that it's shot in Moscow's Gorky Park, where the Russians regularly find "podsnezhniki" or "snowdrops" - corpses that lie hidden by the snow each year until the spring melt reveals them.

[part title="The Strange German Freestyle Freestyle Doll"]


This one comes courtesy of the excellent Illicit Snowboarding blog. Apparently this miniature model was made as an "instructional aid". Which is interesting, because in this German magazine it's being used as something quite different...

Unfortunately our German isn't quite good enough to translate what's being said here, but we'd be willing to bet there are some jokes about nosepressing boxes. Oooh err...