10 Ski & Snowboard Runs You Need to Ride Before You Die

Massive vertical drops, terrifying cliff face descents and spectacular on-piste tree runs.

A drop into the three-metre-wide 50-degree sluiceway on top of Jackson’s Hole is one of the most famous runs in snowboarding. The access is easy, courtesy of the new cable-car up Rendezvous Mountain, and to be honest the actual run isn’t that challenging.

However, it is the start that has made Corbett’s a rite of passage. The only way to get into the couloir is by a five metre vertical-drop from a stationary position. Any mistakes here are punished by a cliff face or large sharp boulders, and any pain added to by public humiliation — courtesy of the crowds that watch every drop. Make it through though, and a sweet powder run, lifetime achievement, hero status and free beer awaits.

Corbett’s Couloir Video:

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