Peckham BMX Club began in South East London back in 2004. They started with an old, out-of-use track called the Bird in Bush and only four kids in the club.

In 2008 Peckham BMX would become the number one club in the United Kingdom. In 2014 local Peckham rider Tre Whyte would finish third in the BMX racing World Championships in Rotterdam, behind only legendary 2012 Olympic silver-medallist Sam Willoughby and Canadian Tory Nyhaug.

In 2016 head coach and founder Michael Pusey, aka radio DJ, TV presenter and entrepreneur Ck Flash, was awarded an MBE by the Queen of England for his services to young people in sport and BMX.

Michael Pusey, the founder and head coach of Peckham BMX club. Photo: Perception Films / Screenshot

The rise of Peckham BMX from a small local group to a nationally renowned club has been monumental - but through all that, it’s still the friendly people, the local pride and the emphasis on getting kids onto bikes and into a safe environment that defines the club and gives it meaning.

And that’s exactly what director Tom Pickard and Perception Films have managed to show in their new short feature from Peckham BMX.

Race night at Peckham BMX Club. Photo: Perception Films / Screenshot

Chatting to Michael Pusey and Nigel Whyte, father of both international rider Tre Whyte and and Kye Whyte, a nine times British Champion, the film explores what the club is all about.

“It's not always about the best track and the best equipment it's about a mentality that you instil into the youngsters," Pusey says. “It brought the whole community together and since then there’s been no stopping us."

Peckham BMX club. Photo: Perception Films / Screenshot

Kye adds: "I do have friends that are just wandering the streets doing nothing and BMX has kept me away from that. The club has taught me to respect my elders and respect my parents. It's given me a better lifestyle."

It’s an inspirational story and one that hits home on all sorts of levels.

Film directed by Tom Pickard, camera work by Daniel Jaroschik, sound by Chen Wissotzky and edit by Jack Padgham / Tom Pickard.

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