london bike show

london bike show

The London Bike Show is underway and will be running at the ExCel in the English capital from February 16-19.

The Bike Show is a great place to get a grip on whatever the big trends in biking – both road cycling and mountain biking – are going to be for the next twelve months. It also usually plays host to some of the most unusual inventions and novelty innovations in the world of two wheels.

We headed down to the Bike Show armed with enthusiasm to unearth all the weird and wonderful offerings from the seemingly endless stalls, and we certainly weren’t let down. Here’s just a small taster of what we found…

Rose’s Tandem Downhill Mountain Bike

...but you'll sweet, upon the seat of a bicycle made for two

Welded together from a small, medium and large frame, this custom-build Rose tandem is sure to have caught the attention of anyone who walked past it. Just make sure you get the front seat if you ever get the chance to ride!

The Custom-Build GT Force


It was painted by Fat Creations and it’s dividing the Mpora office in two. Some love it. Some hate it. Where do you stand?

Brendan Fairclough’s Scott Gambler


Still dirty…



We're a fan of this! Light and keeps you safe.

The Sonder Bikepacking range

 london bike show

Sonder bikepacking london bike show

Alpkit bike brand Sonder had a sweet set up at the show, including the perfect little camping set up utilising all the tools you need for a weekend with your ride, below, and probably the best looking fat bike bikepacking option we saw all day, above.


Bloc: A Bicycle Beer


Which beer isn’t a bicycle beer?

Rocky Mountain Element


The Rocky Mountain Slayer is back after many, many years away and has got the enduro scene excited. RM didn’t have a Slayer on show at the London Bike Show, but we did love this Canadian paint job on the XC Element ride.

Henty’s Suit Solutions


For all of you who cycle to work and then 9-5 in a suit, Henty offer a great solution. Your suit rolls up and turns into a rucksack which still has a surprising amount of room left over for other items.

Beet It’s Beetroot Energy


You’d think in the saturated market of sports energy bars and gels, you’d want to make your product as appealing as possible from the get go. Beet It on the other hand designed their entire concept around beetroots. There’s science behind it of course, and it doesn’t taste as bad as you’d think, but nevertheless, it’s a tough sell.

Orange’s Alpine 6 E-Bike Protoype


Featuring the biggest, most terrifying down tube in the history of the bicycle.

Tannus Tyres – No Air, No Punctures


You can’t puncture what doesn’t go flat…

The Canyon Sender


The bike at the heart of the Canyon Downhill Factory Team – the most exciting shoutout of the downhill off-season?

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