FEST series 2015 came to a close recently with Hoff Fest, the Kurt Sorge-hosted madness featuring some of the scariest dirt jumps you'll ever lay eyes on.

If you’ve not come across FEST before, it’s pretty much freeride-meets-slopestyle mountain biking on a dangerously large amount of steroids. It’s that XXXXL t-shirt you see at the shops from time to time that you don’t imagine anyone would ever buy; the bottle of absinthe at the party that most people are too scared to drink.

capture 5

We recently brought you some clips from Hoff Fest that showed just how gnarly the dirt jumps were. Seriously, we would end up in hospital with our internal organs still drying out on trees if we tried to take these bad boys on.

The full highlight reel from the madness has dropped though, and it’s an absolute must watch. Metal music, big jumps, bigger balls, and a whole lot of jaw-dropping MTB:

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