We’ve seen many things when we’ve been out mountain biking. And we mean a lot of things.

We’ve seen people fly over their handlebars, into trees, rupture their spleens, eat mud, land head first in dog shit. Admittedly often it’s been us.




One thing we have never before passed while we’ve been out on the trails is two people full on going at it at the side of the trails. And by going at it, yes, we mean having full-blown sexual intercourse pretty much in the middle of the path. Or not quite the middle but near enough. Like, seriously, COME ON?!

If you’re going to do it, surely you could take the time to crawl into any of the beautiful fauna and flora surrounding yourself. I mean look at this picture:



We hope they used something for protection at least.

Seriously though - if you did decide to get up to this kind of shenanigans on a commonly visited trail, would you at least find some cover first, wouldn't you?

Here's what the average forest looks like:


You'd immerse yourself with the forest. Became one with the trees and leaves - though I guess they're at least doing that more than we ever have. You'd at the very least go a bit further into the woods so you get a nice grassy bedding so it's a bit more comfortable.

We love how the guy filming this just stops to laugh for a while as well. Realistically, what else are you going to do?

We have no idea on what exact trails this moment in time was filmed but the video says it was in Ireland. So here’s a lovely cycle through Ireland...

Needless to say this is deeply NSFW. Enjoy.


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