Going for a good ride, is one of our favourite ways to spend our free time. The fresh air, the country roads, the big hills to zoom down. It's a pretty perfect weekend activity.

As with any exercise however, the less you do, the less you feel like doing and when you've not been able to go out for a few weeks, it can suddenly feel like a big effort to get back on the bike and out for 40km day ride.

How To Get Your Body Ready For Summer Adventures

The best way to avoid this is to keep up your enthusiasm between rides in any way you can. Whether it be through exercise, socialising or keeping up with other cyclist's rides, you don't need to permanently be on a bike to keep the love going.

Here are our favourite ways to get pumped for our next ride, when we haven't got the time to spend our days on a bike.

Go To A Spin Class

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Just because you can't get out, that doesn't mean you can't still give those legs a workout! Join an intense spin class and feel like you've been climbing all day!

Check Out New Bikes


Have a look around the fancy new models out this year. There's nothing like getting a new bike to get you stoked for long afternoon bike rides!

Research Cycling Tours


There are amazing cycling holidays in both the UK and further afield. Have a look at Taiwan's rain forest trails for some real inspiration!

4) Watch the 1980's film, American Flyers


If you really can't be bothered to leave the house, these 1980's bro fest is sure to get you back on the saddle!

5) Build Up Your Leg Strength


While you might not feel an hour at the gym is as good for your cycling as getting on your bike, you'll be amazing at how much a bit of strength training powers your climbs!

6) Make A Cycling Bucket List

Silhouette of bicyclist riding the bike on a rocky trail at seaside, on colorful sunset sky background. Active outdoors lifestyle for healthy concept. Vintage style.

We've all got a cycling wishlist, write yours down and put it up somewhere in the house! The more you see it, the more you'll plan to make it a reality....

7) Work With A Personal Trainer

Trainer helping woman to do exercise right

While you might think you're a solid gold cyclist (and you probably are!), there's nothing like a personal trainer to pinpoint your weaker areas and majorly changing your fitness level.

8) Make Yourself A Cycling Diet


Eat clean and mindfully for a week, you'll be surprised how much it inspires you to get on your bike and get outside!

9) Try A New Class


Do you know how good yoga is for cycling fitness?! Try out a couple of fitness yoga classes to strengthen your core and tone those biking muscles.

10) Get Some Hill Training In


If you can only get out for a few minutes a day, train those climbs!

11) Sign Up For A Race


Get competitive! Sign up for a race that's a couple of months away and watch your enthusiasm go through the roof!

12) Treat Yourself To Some New Gear


Just like a new bike, its always exciting to take new kit out for its first ride!

13) Join A Cycling Group

Shot of a group of cyclists taking a break after a long climb

There are some great social groups that go cycling every weekend. Get some bike time and make new friends at the same time? Sounds good to us!

14) Watch Your Old Adventure Footage Back!


Dig out that old GoPro footage! We bet that after a couple of videos of downhill routes and awesome scenery, you'll lacing up your shoes and strapping on your helmet in no time!


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