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All cyclists have been there at some point. You go to load your bike onto your car and somehow end up on the floor with your bike on top of you and your neighbours gathered round, viciously laughing at your turmoil.

Maybe it’s the fact that you were using super glue or pritt sticks to try and keep your bike on, maybe you got some rope mixed up while you were trying to tie a giant knot around the ride, or maybe your car is just awkwardly designed when it comes to putting bikes in and around the thing.

Photo: Honda

If that last one is indeed the case, then do we have the car for you – Honda have just unveiled a new model of car designed specifically to accommodate the needs of the everyday cyclist.

Meet the Honda Civic Tourer Active Life concept car; a car with a boot that’s big enough to hold two bikes side-by-side, and features an integrated pump, work bench and space for all your tools and waterbottles as well.

Photo: Honda

The roofbox meanwhile is designed for holding all the cycling accessories you might need – your helmet, extra pedals, etc, etc – though there’s more than enough room for them in the boot of the car if you wanted to keep them there.

Jumping on the eco-friendly cycling band-wagon, the car has recently set a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy too, so you won’t be burning up the environment or your wallet as you drive.

Who says cars and cyclists have to be forever at war? This could just be the marriage to bring the enemies together...

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