best of skate mk2

best of skate mk2

2013 was a pretty mega year for skateboarding. We saw incredible things in the X-Games, Chris Cole was victorious at the biggest Street League yet and some huge video parts dropped over the course of the year. We've looked through our collective MPORA memory banks and come up with our 13 best bits from 2013 with some help from the guys at Kingpin.

We're pretty stoked with the list but tell us what we've missed in the comments!

[part title="Karsten Klappen in Norway"]

Snow and polar bears are pretty rare sights in skate edits. In that sense Karsten Klappen's journey to the Arctic Circle was something of a novelty. His exploits on the northern most miniramp in the world lead to some serious abuse of the reply button and it's one of the only edits that features a snowmobile section.

As much a travelogue adventure as it is a skate edit, we can't wait to see more from Klappen.

[part title="Lucas Puig in Bon Voyage"]

Further proof that Euro skating had a great 12 months last year. Bon Voyage was one of our favourite videos of the year with the French skater the highlight. There was plenty of pausing and rewinding just to try and work out what Puig had just done and how he'd done it.

[part title="Dennis Busenitz Back in Europe"]

Breaking the string of Europeans in our roundup is Dennis Busenitz - though his video does show him returning to the Old World and tearing it up in Copenhagen, Paris and Innsbruch with his usual rapid fire style. He flies through the streets, nailing anything that doesn't move. The incredulous reactions of the onlooking public says it all and the closing manual through the fountain is awesome with every watch.

[part title="Tommy Carroll Skateboarding Blind"]

As you may remember we're pretty big fans of Mr. Carroll at MPORA, he featured in our inspirations of 2013 from the start of the year. Being blind since the age of two didn't stop him taking up skateboarding and he's shown that no obstacle is too steep to stop you doing the thing you love. Watching him skate you'd never know that he can't see the board he's riding or the bowl he's in.

[part title="Alain Goikoetxea Ripping it in Bilbao"]

Living down the road from one of the best skateparks in Europe, it's no surprise that Alain Goikoetxea looks like he was born in the bowl. He flows through the concrete with such style and knows every inch of the Kantera skatepark in Algorta - where he skates every day. Style, progression and control, Goikoetxea has it all and he shows them off in this full part that celebrates his 15 years with Volcom. The Basque rider's Backside air exit at 4m47s is the coolest you'll see this year. Steez.

[part title="Cliche Celebrates Turning 15"]

Another anniversary here! This time it's Cliché celebrating a decade and a half in the business in style with an all star edit that sees Charles Collet, Flo Mirtain and many more kill it in Lyon, Spain and London. The fruits of their road trip popped up at the start of the year and certainly helped dismiss our winter blues. Chet Childress and his knee high socks even turn up for a guest part that we've watched several times in the last 12 months. Here's to another 15 years from Cliché.

[part title="Coalatree's Weekend in Moab"]

Bowls don't come much cooler, or much older than this. After exhausting their town for man made features, Brian De Le Torre, Kevin Lowry and Ryan Spencer hit the road and headed off to Moab in Utah. The views are a bit different from your usual skate edit as the guys make the most of the millennia old natural terrain that Utah has to offer. This video looks stunning and you have to applaud the guys at Coalatree for turning out something a bit different and looking further afield than the park down the road or the rail at the end of the street.

[part title="Swissbanks: Skating the Alps with Carhartt WIP"]

Another example of taking skating somewhere new. For so long the Alps have been held by the snowboarders in winter and the mountain bikers in the summer. Carhartt WIP are planting the flag for skaters and they took a bit of a risk in the process. In an era of three minute edits in the street we were delighted to see the Detroit brand hire out a camper van and head into the Swiss Alps. It's a slow burner featuring some beautiful spots and scenery. The sheer incongruity of the shots and some great skating from the likes of Sylvain Tonelli and Hugo Liard made this one of our favourites in 2013.

[part title="Ishod Wair - Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 2"]

It's fair to say that 22 year old Ishod Wair had a pretty decent year. Thrasher's Skater of the Year has nailed some huge video parts, stealing the show in Sabotage 3, the ingeniously titled Wair N Tear, Chronicles Prequel and Chronicles 2. Wair's closer in the latter was the product of over 18 months of filming and watching it is the skating equivalent of seven minutes in heaven with the Philly skater.

[part title='Scorch & Wood - Phantom Cameras and Fireworks']

Phantom cameras are designed for action sports. Nothing escapes their lens and it captures all the skill and technique of our heroes in unmatched high definition. It also makes skateboarding through fireworks look really damn cool. This film was brought to us by BeyondSlowMotion along with some of the skaters from PowellPeralta. It was shot at 6900FPS and apparently it didn't take too much persuasion to convince Steven Reeves, Bad McClain and others to take on some fireworks. Stunning but maybe steer clear of trying this one out at home!

[part title="Chris Cole wins the Street League"]

Chris Cole one-upped skateboarding prodigy, Nyjah Huston (more from him later), to take home the Street League Super Crown this year. The two traded blows throughout the series, often occupying first and second in the final rankings. After an early blip at the start of the meet, The Cobra, as he's known, showed off his incredible bag of tricks and never finished below second, winning twice. The Street League splits opinion but there's no denying it gathers together some of the most technical and progressive skaters in the world. The level is so high which makes Cole's consistency and success all the more impressive.

[part title="Bob Burnquist - Dreamland"]

As well as being one of the least Brazilian sounding Brazilians around, Bob Burnquist loves a helicopter. Big Bob has a pilot license which he put to use when doing some helicopter re-con for swimming pools to skate for his mega-edit, Dreamland, and that was just the beginning of it. The Vert legend welcomes us into his back garden which just happens to be full of Mega Ramps and huge hips - the Dreamland - and brings the noise. What really got us going however is when he decided to drop in from a helicopter. A helicopter. In mid-air. Dreamland also features some rail work from the helicopter as well as a James Bond-esque escape from Burnquist. Go big or go home!

[part title="Nyjah Huston - Fade to Black"]

Nyjah Huston may not have won his third Street League title but he'll be more than happy with his 2013 thanks to this storming part with DC. From the opening board slide, Fade to Black is five minutes of heavy skating that backs up his impressive collection of titles and cheques. Huston has drawn some flak for making his name in competition rather than in the street, but Fade to Black shows that the youngster can do it all and he's not even old enough crack a beer after shutting down another stair set. It's incredible to think he's got another 15 years in him, Nyjah we salute you. Sit back, press play and prepare to have your mind blown.