Kanya Sesser Skateboarding Underwear Model

Kanya Sesser Skateboarding Underwear Model

Meet Kanya Sesser, a 23-year-old skateboarding underwear model born without legs. Kanya, who lives in California, was adopted from an orphanage in Thailand when she was just five-years-old by an American family. Her story ever since, and the way she's lived her life, shines as a testament to the human spirit and makes us feel even more ridiculous about that time we stubbed our toe on a table and almost cried.

Kanya, who earns £650-a-day modelling underwear, is a big fan of extreme sports (including surfing and snowboarding). She uses a skateboard, rather than a wheelchair, to get around and lives her life through the motto: "no legs, no limits."

Sesser, who doesn't let the inconvenience of not-having legs stop her from enjoying life and living it to the fullest, is currently training for the Winter Paralympics in 2018. And, on the basis of her can-do attitude, who'd bet against her scooping a gold in Pyeongchang?

Best of luck to Kanya in all of her future endeavours. If her story doesn't inspire you to stop moaning about the small things, and cherish the good times, nothing will.

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