Hailing from Denver Colorado, William Spencer performs tricks that cross the boundaries between skateboarding and parkour

Backflip away

He burst onto the scene in 2007 in a skate shop video called 'Hollarado', which included this grande finale trick: a front flip over 10 steps on to his skateboard. Insane!

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William was given the name 'The Skate Ninja' - as a child he studied karate and achieved a child's black belt in the Wado-Kai style

He told ESPN that 'he had no clue what parkour was' when he first started skating.

After Spencer met and trained with British parkour innovator, Daniel Ilabaca, he explained parkour is a way to gain greater coordination

William Spencer Parkour

Spencer has said that Ilabaca's skills are a big inspiration to him and they regularly trade ideas


His talents have led to him becoming a professional stuntman in Hollywood

Spencer has done stunt work in tonnes of different shows and films, including Project X, Jonah Hex, CSI: NY and The Kids Are All Right

He originally auditioned to be a skate stunt man in The Amazing Spiderman film but due to his similar appearance to the lead actor Andrew Garfield, the casting agents offered him to be Garfield's stunt double in the film

Here's a collection of some of his other off the wall tricks:

How did he think of this, never mind land it?

Picnic table run

Celebratory twirl