Like the Montagues and Capulets (mountain version), snowboarders and skiers have long loved a good feud.

But if you're sick of your skier buddies winding you up when they've given you yet another lift on the flat (blame the resort builders not the riders!), here's a reminder of why you'll always be cooler than them.

1) Our ancestors looked like this…

Photo: Buttons by Jeff Divine

And this…

Photo: Stacy Peralta by Hugh Holland

2) Where as a skier's closest kin is these guys…

Photo: Hank Mayer

 Or this nifty little troupe…


3) When they walk in ski boots, they look like this…

Credit: YouTube/greu182003

STUPID_GIRL_trying_to_walk_on_ICE_FAIL (1)

4) Within a week on a board, most of us can ride powder.

Photo: Teton Gravity Research

5) A skier's learning curve is a little steeper…

Credit: YouTube/David Martins


6) And our snowboard never flies off our feet.

Credit: YouTube/WTFailTV


7) Our movies have always been better…

8) And we're so badass we're still banned in some US resorts.

Credit: iStock/majivecka

9) This is us at the Olympics…

Photo: BBC/IOC

10) This is skiing…

Photo: The Bleacher Report/IOC


11) Kim Kardashian skis…

Photo: FameFlynet/Huffington Post

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go Skiing In Utah

12) So does George Osborne…

Photo: The Mirror

Photo: The Mirror

And with that we rest our case.

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