Getting your snowboard edit to stand out from the crowd can be tough these days. If you can go down the traditional routes of making it either really expensive and fancy looking, fill it with insane tricks, or do something really weird and hilarious, like invent snowboard gymnastics.

However, this Japanese crew have thrown out this curveball. They've put out an edit where it appears like they're actually trying to get hurt. They consistently attempt a whole bunch of tricks that they've pretty much got no chance of landing.

From failed airs through trees, to failed presses across bridges, right through to failed... err, this. We don't even know what it is, but they didn't land it. Just look, there's no run-out. Hitting the wall is the only option.


But this isn't just another bail edit. These guys mean this. It's bordering on performance art, and we absolutely love it. We're just not going to be trying it any time soon.

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