Another five days have passed stuck in the office and it's the weekend at last. Praise be to the lord on high, even the weather seems to have picked up in time for us all to enjoy for a couple of days before being dragged back into the workhouse. To celebrate we've got together seven of the sickest edits that have arrived in our inbox in the past week. We've got vomit, colossal waves and some muddy farm action.

[part title='Josh Lewis Changing Tracks']

Josh Lewis is one of the brightest up and coming downhill riders in the game now. 'Loosedog', as he's known to his mates, will be flying the flag for Stif this season as he aims to make an impact in the Enduro and Downhill competition.

In this video he shows off his skills in beautifully shot wood land. His sharp bike handling and sheer speed is all to see here and we look forward to seeing what he's got over the coming season.

[part title='Dutch Sidecarcross']

Motocross plus a sidecar. It's a match made in heaven no doubt, at least what the guys out in the Netherlands and Belgium thought when they started the Sidecarcross championship. It mainly reminds us of old Mario Kart games and we'd like to see the co-pilots armed with some kind of weaponry but for now it looks like they'll be relegated to clinging on for dear life.

[part title='Chris Cole Shredding in China']

The release of pro shoe model is the perfect excuse to drop a banging skate edit. It's Chris Cole's turn this time around for DC and he's sent off to China with his board and Dorothy's shoes to China for some seriously impressive skating. While the blurb talks about blending tech and gnar it's the latter we're more interested in and it's plentiful here.

With some great spots and some terrible jumpers this is a fine three minutes of skating out in the Far East. We expect that plenty of skaters will follow suit and head to the Orient to shred.

[part title='Jeremy Jones Exploring Again']

Jeremy Jones is one of the great mountaineer cum snowboarders. Very few go as high, hard and sketchy as the American in his pursuit of towering summits and gnarly lines. He's teamed up with Sony and Teton Gravity Research and strapped a camera to his head so now we can all get in his head to see what it's like heading out into the great beyond.

Here our hero is heading into Alaska up some seriously huge mountain ridges before taking them on with his trusty splitboard. Seriously gnarly.

[part title='The Red Bull Farm Jam']

BMX, Freestyle Motocross and Mountain Bike riders all descend on a sleepy farm in New Zealand build some massive kickers and then go to town in serious style while the livestock watch on. It's hard to tell if they're impressed or bemused. Along with all the mega jumps there's also a pipe set up in the barn.

The edit features the talents of Levi Sherowood, Brendan Loupos, Matt Jones and others sending it pretty hard. It all makes life in New Zealand far more exciting than we had previously imagined.

[part title='Halldor Helgason with Barf Juice']

The Helgasons have rightly developed a reputation for being slightly batshit mental as well as awesome snowboarders. This video is no different. Halldor, Eiki and their Icelandic homies are crammed into an RV and hit the road hitting some huge spots, getting drunk and showing off a few too many bodily functions. This is certainly on the NSFW boundary.

It's all pretty crazy stuff with trips to strip clubs, bone crunching slams and lethal amounts of alcohol. The snowboarding doesn't seem to suffer either. They're madder than you and they shred better than you too.

[part title='Wade Goodall Charging Monsters']

Wade Goodall is pretty nails. He's gone from throwing aerials in small surf to charging some absolute slabs. In between he's broken both legs. Now that's he's all fixed he's jumped back in with this deluxe 10 minute edit that shows both sides of his incredible skillset.

It's got everything we like in surf edits. Massive waves, tight board control, cool as fuck aerials and some tasty wipeouts. This is heavy, it's worth testing your ever decreasing attention span for all ten minutes of this.