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nick remon mpora

nick remon mpora

Not only is the weekend down but February is also finished! Tomorrow you'll be hungover in March, impressive. For this double celebration we've got together the seven finest videos we've featured in the last week. We've got run ins with South American dogs, ridiculous barrels in South East Asia and ludicrous pow so sit back and relax.

[part title="Excursion: Nick Remon"]

Chelmsford in Essex is the scene of our next edit. Nick Remon really goes to town in the sleepy commuter town in this brilliantly shot five minutes of shredding. Having been filmed over the past winter it's impressive they found enough time when the weather was good enough to get the footage, but they've managed and it's a banger.

Remon manages to turn Chelmsford, one of the most borrowing of the London's commuter belt satellites, into a series of awesome spots and even heads into the big smoke for some shredding.

[part title="Fathead vs Simple Sessions"]

Last weekend saw the one of the biggest events on the BMX and skateboarding calendar as the best in the business descended on Talinn, Estonia for Simple Sessions. We brought you highlights from the event but our favourite edit from the weekend came courtesy of our friends at RideBMX.

Their man on the ground, Fathead, scooped the big stories and got exclusive interviews with some of the stars of the BMX world. That and he threw down a bit himself on the Baltic streets. Keep speaking truth to power Fathead!

[part title="Mick Hannah takes on Chilean Urban Downhill"]

There's few things we like more than dragging a downhill mountain biker out of the woods down to South America and getting him to ride hell for leather through shanty towns. It's a niche but we love it. All the better when they've got a generic point of view camera attached to their head so we can get close to action without risking our necks.

In this instance it's Mick Hannah tearing down the crowded streets of Valparaiso, Chile at the start of the City Downhill World Tour. Forget trees and gravel, we want to see more of the world's best nearly getting taken out by stray dogs!

[part title="Seb Zeitz' Day Off"]

Surfers go back to work this weekend as the 2014 ASP Tour circus kicks off once more - check out MPORA for our previews o the goings on Down Under on the Gold Coast and the men's and women's previews. Earlier this week contender Seb Zeitz released this edit to celebrate one of his final days off before putting his nose to the grindstone.

The man known as Seabass certainly shows in this video certainly shows he's got all the tricks in the book to go far in the tour and push reigning champion, Mick Fanning.

[part title="Bryan Fox Hitting Powder and Pillows"]

Bryan Fox is quickly getting a reputation for being an absolute powder hound and this edit just adds further fuel to that fire. It re-uses a lot of footage from Fox's amazing Videograss part and this shows that he's all killer no filler.

This is the best backcountry riding we have seen in time and features massive kickers, cliff drops and powder pillows. Lush.

[part title="Danny MacAskill and Co Exploring Barcelona"]

Danny MacAskill has been awful quiet recently and we were beginning to think his bike had been nicked. Then he showed up in sunny Spain with this. According to the guys this edit was put together in double quick time but that doesn't affect the quality, it's still awesome.

Barcelona lends itself perfectly as an MTB playground and this edit has got all the MacAskill hallmarks, incredible imagination, sublime bike control and winning style.

[part title="Alex Gray Casually Surfing Huge Barrels"]

This is huge basically. Alex Gray kills it on at P-Pass out in stunning Micronesia with this awesome ride. The guy has got so much style and nonchalance that he may as well be pushing a trolley round the supermarket rather than gliding through a perfectly formed barrel.