Twitter recently gave users the option of taking a walk down memory lane and checking out their first ever tweet. Not only that but you can read the first ever 140 character musing of any account you wish. We decided to do a bit of digital digging and discover what the biggest names in surfing first came up with all those years ago.


It's safe to say Carissa Moore didn't get it straight away..

Nor did Nat Young or John John Florence.

Kolohe Andino showed he was more than just a pretty face..

Alana was out to stomp the imposters.

Gabriel Medina seems pretty verbose in his second language.

Laura Enever enjoying the small things in life.

Joel Parkinson was one of the few to actually mention surfing.

Along with Jordy Smith.

There are few things stranger than a shared twitter account between siblings..

Matt Wilkinson has time for some introspection.

Paige Hareb breaks down and conforms.

Glen Hall gets all mysterious.

Dane Reynolds* gets all high minded and meta on us.

*Not technically Dane Reynolds..