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7 Times Animals Saved The Motherf*cking Day And Rescued Human Lives

Watch the viral baby elephant saving her keeper from drowning in Thailand...

Most people prefer animals to humans because animals are fluffy and cute and nice and humans have this bad habit of doing everything wrong and talking too much while they’re at it.

See, we’ve kind of done it already here, haven’t we?

Animals also have the wonderful trait of looking past all of the flaws of the human race and sticking with us anyway, and for some reason they even sometimes go as far as risking their own lives to save ours.

Take this awesome baby elephant for example, Kham Lha at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. She recently went viral for jumping into a fast flowing river to save her keeper Darrick when she thought he was drowning.

If we’re being honest, Darrick probably would’ve been fine and was probably just throwing himself in the river to try and wash away the shame of having a name like ‘Darrick’ – only joking bud, you seem great – but it’s the thought that counts from Kham Lha.

That got us thinking that there must be loads of similar examples of the animal kingdom jumping in to help us out despite the fact that we’re responsible for spawning things like Donald Trump and creating Furbies; undoubtedly the two scariest things on the planet.

We like animals. Animals are better than humans. Here are some more videos that prove it…

Avalanche Dog Saves 20-Year-Old Skier Buried Alive

20 year old Emily Anderson had just finished what she dubbed “one of the best ski runs of her life” in 2012 when she looked down and saw the snow moving beneath her. She was in an avalanche and was pushed into a tree, buried below the snow and barely able to breathe.

Finding herself in what is pretty much every skier or snowboarder’s worst nightmare, Emily thankfully had a friend who saw the incident and was able to alert the snow patrol, who brought Newman, a four-year old avalanche rescue dog, who helped find Emily.

Once you’re buried below the surface, your chances of survival are just one in three. Emily was thankfully one of the lucky ones – and has expressed interest in joining the snow patrol since.

Surfer Todd Endris Saved by Dolphins from Shark Attack

It was early in the morning at Marina State Beach in Northern Califronia when Todd Endris was attacked by a 15-ft great white shark, which knocked him off his board and bit down on his torso, resulting in a 40-inch bite.

Just when it looked like Todd was done for, a pod of dolphins came to his rescue by forming a wall between him and the shark. Why? Because dolphins are sounder than humans. Todd seems super cool though and he’s now working to return the favour to the dolphins. Not all humans are bad!

Yang Yun Freediver Saved by Whales in China

26 year old Yang Yun was competing in a freediving competition to get a whale keeping job, but 15ft down her right leg cramped up.

Two beluga whales sensed that she was struggling and moved towards her to help her to the surface, restoring our faith in the world as an entity in the process.

A Dog Called Angels Saved a Kid

We hope you’re ready for this one because it’s goddamn heart-warming. Our heart is seriously warm at this point.

Austin Forman, a kid with an appropriately named dog called Angel, was out picking up wood when a cougar came in for the kill on Austin. Angel jumped in the way and took a bit of a mauling in order to let Austin get away – and thanks to a vet soon on the scene, Angel survived too.


Parrot Saves Baby’s Life

This quaker parrot went through to alert her mother when a baby was choking in another room. The mother was able to go through and save the baby’s life.

Can we take a minute out to just think about the fact that parrots can actually speak? Parrots are geniuses. We should let parrots lead the free world – especially since this video ends with the presenter talking about how Pop Idol is taking on Motown this weekend and just reminding us again that humans are rubbish.

Female Lion Calms Down Male Attacking Human

As we’ve already established here, humans are pretty much exclusively idiots, and this dude staring into this lion’s eyes and looking like he was about to shit himself was probably the reason behind this lion attack.

Thankfully a slightly better keeper was there to help out, and a lioness to calm her man down, keep him away and tell him that the measly human wasn’t worth the effort.

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