If you've ever had the misfortune of spending a train journey next to somebody that collects dream catchers and has what they were told is 'hope' tattooed on them in Chinese, you'll no doubt have been informed that Dolphins are the most intelligent creatures in the sea.

However, footage has emerged the show that it's actually Blue Whales with the most amount of book smarts of all the oceans dwelling animals. Well, they certainly have the sharpest sense of humour at least.

During a filming trip for the BBC, world renowned Zoologist Mark Carwardine explains in some depth as to why it can be incredibly hard to spot Blue Whales in the wild. "You know they're here, you just jolly well can't find them" he explains a way that's so British it almost qualifies as performance art.

But, as soon as the sea boffin finishes speaking, up pops a Blue Whale behind him, breaching the surface of the water, and displaying the kind of comedy timing most people can only dream of.

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