Screenshot: YouTube (via Kayla Furlotte).

Bear Wild Back Garden Canadian Family Ducks

What is it with grizzly bears, huh? You turn your back on them for two seconds, and they're suddenly up in your backyard trying to eat your pets. In this case, your ducks.

A Canadian family, based just south of Calgary, found themselves in this exact situation over the weekend gone.

Usually, in these types of scenarios, bears can be frightened off by people making loud noises, honking on their car horns, and by dogs barking. However, as the video below demonstrates, these bears proved to be extremely reluctant when it came to leaving their delicious duck-flavoured snacks behind.

"There was no fear in those bears," Keith Lang, the father, told CBC News on Sunday. "We were laying on the horn because I don't want grizzly bears in the yard."

Eventually, and presumably to the ducks' relief, the Langs managed to scare the bears off. The footage, understandably perhaps, contains some pretty spicy language. You've been warned.

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