Here in the UK, we’re having a bad day if a wasp buzzes into the office, or a moth lands on us at night, mistaking us, inexplicably, for the sun.

But, in some areas of North America, they have considerably bigger animals to worry about. Not least, Grizzly Bears. The Furlotte family found this out when they returned to their house one day to find a bunch of Grizzlies trying to eat their ducks.

Now, despite their size, Grizzlies can often be scared off by loud noises, such as shouting, car horns, and dog barks. However, the Furlotte family had these in abundance, but the aggy bears were having none of it, and refused to back down.

We must admit, we don’t know how this situation was resolved, but trust that the Furlotte’s, the bears, and the ducks all came away unscathed.

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