Photo:  Peter Hughes.

In this day and age, English people have a lot to worry about. The correct procedure when making tea, for example, the tensions of the queue system, our rail network's inability to cope with virtually any type of weather pattern, penalty shootouts, appropriately-timed apologising, and the diminishing transatlantic appeal of Hugh Grant,

Fortunately, especially for those living near water, we as a nation very rarely have to worry about mass shark invasions. This recent video however, shot in knee-deep waters near Chichester, might just change all that. The incredible footage features approximately fifty sharks swimming in the Medmerry Reserve in West Sussex.

Fifty? Fifty sharks?! If you don't believe us, take a look for yourself.

Before everyone hits the panic button, and loses control of their bodily functions, these have been identified as smooth-hound sharks. You'll be pleased to know that smooth-hounds are more like oversized fish than Great Whites, with a maximum length of 1.5 metres. You'll also be happy to hear that their teeth are small and blunt.

It is believed the sharks gathered in such an unusual location to feast upon crabs and other marine life in the area. The smooth-hound sharks are fairly common in the waters surrounding the UK although they are rarely seen, especially en-masse like in the video.

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