Bare bears break into this Olympic Snowboarders house - Photo:  YouTube / Viral Hogg

We look up to professional snowboarders. We look up to Olympians. And Olympic Pro Snowboarders? Well, they’re certifiable heroes.

The natural talent, the years of hard work to perfect their skills, the dedication, the professionalism, the screaming like a tiny child. Wait! What?

Two time Olympic halfpipe contender, Greg Bretz and his good buddy Rodney Ginn were chilling at home in Mammoth Lakes, California last weekend, when a mother bear and her cubs decided they wanted in on the action.

Quite understandably, the boys were somewhat terrified of going toe to toe with an angry mother bear, so ran away, handily filming the entire thing. It’s a little bit Blair Witch, and those screams will stay with you for a while.

Warning: Video contains profanity, the potty mouthed loons.  Viewer discretion advised. 

A video posted by Greg Bretz (@gregbretzz) on

The chaps also managed to capture this somewhat tamer footage afterwards, showing the bears just hanging around at the bottom of the stairs. Happily, both the bears, and they boys survived the ordeal.

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