Screen Shot: YouTube (Wild Side Tours).

False killer whales, rather unfairly, are often accused of having no sense of humour. This is probably because, back in the late 1980's, a false killer whale famously attempted a Seinfeld style stand-up monologue at one of New York's trendiest comedy clubs.

Eye-witnesses who were present at the time, claim that the false killer whale's routine was an absolute disaster from start to finish. Fluffed lines, awkward delivery, a total inability to speak a human language and a half-eaten compere makes the one-star review it received the next day seem almost generous.

An Artist's Impression Of The False Killer Whale's Stand-Up Show (1989).

Fast forward to the present day, and it's nice to see that some false killer whales haven't given up on cracking jokes, and making other false killer whales smile.

As a human, lacking the ability to understand whale-speak, it's hard to know what exactly the joke is here. That being said, we'll settle for just watching whales smile and talking their underwater gibberish.

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