Photo: CNN

When a Great White shark washed up onshore in Massachusetts, USA, concerned beach goers leapt into action to save the amazing creatures life.

Wellfleet Beach locals rushed to keep the shark hydrated, and began digging a trench in the sand to act as a kind of natural slip way back to the ocean.

Freelance photographer Stephan Werk was on the beach at the time, and told American news outlet CNN "It was a pretty massive great white shark. We walked down there and the first thing I noticed was a shark’s fin. People at the time were just shuffling back and forth pouring buckets of water into a little moat they had built to keep the shark cool."

Sadly, despite the heroic actions of the people on the beach that day, it was all a little too late, and the shark died just as it got to the water.

Dozens of beachgoers rushed to rescue a stranded great white shark in Cape Cod. While the crowd managed to pull the shark back into the ocean, it was too late, according to reports. via CNN iReport

Posted by CNN on Monday, 7 September 2015

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