A hunt protestor has captured this disturbing footage of a young man in a hunt steward hoody having simulated sex with a dead Canadian Goose.

The incident was filmed in a country lane in Ibstock, Leicestershire during the Atherstone Hunt on 19th September 2015. It shows a group of young men in hunt steward hoodies with 'We eat hunts sabs for breakfast' written on he back, along with somebody who appears to be part of the hunt, laughing and joking as one of the party swings the dead birds neck around as if it was his penis.

He then goes on to simulate sex with the animal caracas. After that, he shakes the bird up and down as it it's flying, moves it's beak while saying "My name is Bob" before a final despicable act of wrapping the birds wing-span around his shoulder while singing the theme tune to Batman.


The motivation for these disturbing acts is unknown, although the person filming is said to be from a group calling themselves West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, so one conclusion to draw is that it's all in a bid to intimidate her.

Hunting continues to be a highly controversial topic here in the UK, with the pro-hunt lobby suggesting that going out on a weekend and slaying animals is a rich part of British tradition.

If this is the case, historians have been quiet on the long standing tradition of bestiality among the hunting classes. That said, the recent #PigGate twitter-storm maybe suggests it's more common that have previously realised.