Screen Shot: YouTube (Sam Galloway).

With all the negative feelings towards SeaWorld's treatment of orca whales swirling round the internet at the moment, it's genuinely refreshing to see some orcas swimming about in their natural environment for a change. Very refreshing, indeed.

Sam Galloway was cray diving at Little Barrier, New Zealand, with some friends when a pod of killer whales (a.k.a orcas) rocked up out of nowhere. According to Galloway, the whales were doing laps of the island and "...hunting stingrays in the shallows."

Galloway, a student at the University of Auckland, has certainly got some some seriously cool footage out of the experience. At one point, during the video's 1:27 running time, one of the divers (presumably Galloway) shouts "No way" in excited disbelief. To be honest, we said something similar just watching it on our monitor.

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