Screen Shot: YouTube (jprocdaddy).

Howard: "Hey Geoff. D'you see the game last night?"

*Geoff doesn't reply*

Howard: "Geoff?"

*Howard turns his head, sees a bear where Geoff used to be*

We're not saying this is exactly how things played out here. In fact, we're fairly certain it didn't happen like that and that the cameraman involved isn't called Howard/Geoff. But, one thing is clear, this wildlife footage is seriously great whichever way you flip it.

Also, how cool is the cameraman in all this? He just sits on his chair, calm as you like, and let's the bear take a seat right next to him. Put us in exactly the same scenario, and the video would have been shot from the floor while we curled up in the foetal position and sobbed gently into our anoraks.

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