Screen Shot: YouTube (via Peta).

I think most of us can agree that getting wild animals to perform at the circus is a pretty outdated idea. Not to mention the fact that it's more than a little bit cruel, and not a very nice experience for the critters involved.

Last Saturday, the Cirkus Arenas company were parading three elephants through the streets of Karrebæksminde, Denmark when all hell broke lost. Reports suggest that the trouble began when a trainer began beating one of the elephants.

Fed up with the trainer's bullshit, and having to perform silly tricks for people's amusement, the elephants broke rank and showed onlookers just how powerful they can be.

After staring down, and chasing off some wannabe-heroes, one of the elephants tosses a parked car in quite possibly the most satisfying "up-yours" moments ever.

Nobody was hurt during the elephant-outbreak, but the footage does serve as a serious reminder that wild animals have no place in modern-day circuses.

Having elephants act out routines for our viewing pleasure, and dragging them from location to location, is not exactly dignified (for the elephants, or for us).

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