Screenshot: YouTube (via - USA Today).

Snake Eating Snake

There are things you expect to see when hanging up your washing, and there are things you don't expect to see. Clothes - expect. Pegs - expect. Washing line - expect. An eastern brown snake eating a carpet python - don't expect.

One woman, from Goodna (near Brisbane, Australia), got the shock of her life on Monday when putting her laundry out to dry. Yes. That's right. She looked down and saw an eastern brown snake eating a carpet python. Crikey!

The eastern brown snake, known to be one of the world's most venomous snakes, had bitten the non-venomous carpet python and was gorging on its remains. Upon stumbling on the scene, the woman immediately called a professional snake removal business.

Sally Hill, who co-runs N & S Snakecatcher with her husband Norm, said "It's unusual to see this - it was quite incredible."

In order to let the eastern brown finish its meal, Sally and her husband guided the snake into a black bag so that it could feel more secure. After three hours in the bag, the eastern brown had eaten the python. The snake was then taken several miles out of town and released into a wilderness area.

The venom of an eastern brown is lethal to human beings, and can kill within just 15 minutes if it's not immediately treated with antivenin. Australia's run of crazy animal stories continues.

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