27 Things British BMXers Say That Nobody Else Will Understand

A lot gets lost in translation when British BMXers talk. Here's what they really mean...

Photo: Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Media House

Riding BMX in Britain is similar to most other places in the world in many ways, and completely different in certain others.

See, unless you’re actually based in the UK, you may not understand the things that actually come out the mouth of the British riders – even if you speak perfect English – and we’re not just talking about the ridiculous accents up and down the country.

The surface politeness that sees Brits say one thing and mean something completely different encompasses the world of BMX as much as it does daily life in Great Britain. Here’s what we mean…

  1. “I’m a bit tired today” – I am severely hungover.
  2. “Yeah I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it” – I can’t afford a new bike.
  3. “Close, mate” – You were not even close to landing that.

  1. “Maybe next time” – and you probably never will.
  2. “I don’t really ride street” – I’m too scared to ride street, and furthermore, lacking in the talent. Please cease and desist with your line of questioning.
  3. “Alright mate?” – What do you want?

  1. “You normally here this time?” – Remind me not to come here at this time.
  2. “Yeah, your video was good.” – No, I didn’t watch it.
  3. “He’s sound when you get to know him” – He’s a proper bell-end.
Photo: Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Media House
  1. “Thanks” – No, you’re not having a go on my bike.
  2. “Sick spot, right?” – Please don’t tell anyone about it.
  3. “No way!” [in response to humble boast] – I stopped listening to you long ago.
  4. “One more try” – We’re staying here until I make this.

  1. “I’m fine” – It’s incredibly painful.
  2. “I’ll be fine” – I don’t want to leave yet but I am in excruciating pain.
  3. “I’ll probably be fine” – Hospital time.

  1. “Yeah I can tailwhip” – No, I can’t tailwhip.
  2. “That spot’s been around for ages” – and was good before you all came along.
Photo: Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Media House
  1. “Fuuuuck” – His genitals took a beating there.
  2. “Fuuuuck!” – I will never be that good at riding a bicycle.
  3. “Yeah man you got that” – Not a chance in hell.

  1. “Seriously, we got this” – You go first though.
  1. “Tell me if I clear this” – And lie if I don’t.
  2. “Yeah, nice one” – You are 100% lying.
  3. “It rings a bell” – I have no idea what you’re talking about.
  4. “Hungry?” – Greggs?

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