Have Your Own TrailFit Adventure | City Workout Tutorial With Sophie Everard

Save this workout to your phone, get outside and conquer the concrete jungle...

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country or in a city, everyone can get outside, have an adventure and get fit in their local area.

This is what we’re proving at Cooler, though three TrailFit workout sessions, based all over London. These sessions kicked off last week with an awesome hour of fitness in the heart of the city, based at the The Travel Cafe in London Southbank.

 We Discovered How To Get An Amazing Outdoor Workout In The Middle Of The City

If you didn’t get the chance to come down to the city session, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out entirely. We’ve put together this specially designed workout plan and video tutorial for everyone who couldn’t make it, so now everyone can have their own TrailFit city adventure.

Pull on a pair of Terradora boots, save the workout to your phone and head into the centre of the city. This hour long exercise class is like nothing you’ve ever tried before…


Duration: 45 minutes

Take one minute rest between sets in set exercises. Depending on fitness level or to increase difficulty, decrease rest time to challenge yourself, down from 60 seconds, to 45, to 30

  • Walking lunges
  • Forward/backward leg swings
  • Side-to-side leg swings
  • Jogging in place with butt kicks
  • Toe taps on walls: One minute
  • HIGH knee skips: one minute

  • Split squats 3 sets of 8-12 per leg
    Position yourself into a staggered stance with the rear foot raised on surface and front foot forward. Bend the front knee and hip to lower your body down. Keep the front knee in line with the foot as you perform the exercise. At the bottom of the movement, drive through the heel to extend the knee and hip to return to the starting position.
  • Regressed press up 3 sets 6-8 reps
    This is a press up with hands on raised surface: you can use a bench, wall, higher surface ground.  Start in a normal press up position, with your hands on a raised surface.  Lower down and press up. For a harder alternative place your feet on a higher surface.
  • Stair Jumps 3 sets 5-8 reps
    Find a height and distance that is optimal for you and jump forward to your desired step, landing in a squat. Jump back down and repeat. This is great for high reps and cardio. If you want to mix it up, use your momentum and consecutively leapfrog to higher steps until you reach the top of the staircase. This will test your explosiveness, stamina, and core stability.

  • Stair Sprints  3 sets
    This will improve coordination and explosiveness. Sprint up a flight of stairs, using your arms for momentum. Jog down for active recovery.
  • Box jumping 8 reps, 3 sets
    Get in a half squat position with your arms in front of you. From this static position, jump up and onto the box. You want to jump from a still position, do not allow any counter movements. Land in the middle of the box and stand all the way up. Reset after each jump.

Add multiple jog and sprint sections at areas of your trail where you can run, in between the strength sets.

Look for areas where you can add interval training sprints, sprinting for 30 seconds and recovering for 60 seconds, at least 5 times. Increase difficulty and decrease the recovery time.


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