What Is Overpronation And What Can You Do About It?

Don't let the way your feet land when running land you with an injury, check out this handy guide to running style and overpronation instead

What is Overpronation?

So what’s this overpronation then? It sounds like something folk do when they’re trying to sound posh, but it’s actually all about the way your feet hit the ground while moving.

  • If your foot rolls more than 15 degrees inward to meet the ground, you’re overpronating
  • When you’re running the effects are amplified and this can result in injury
  • If you are overpronating a sharp angle forms between the foot and leg
  • Overpronation is common in runners with low to flat arches

The easiest way to find out if you over pronate is to check the markings under an old pair of your running shoes. Sounds complicated? It’s really not. Watch this video by ShoesontheWeb for a clear explanation of overpronation and how to spot it. You will learn what it is, see a video of someone running on a treadmill who is overpronating, how to check if you might be prone to it and what this means for you and your body.

What is Overpronation by ShoesontheWeb

So if you do overpronate, what can you do about it? Ideally, you want to distribute impact forces more evenly – special motion control or stability running shoes will help. Here’s a good guide to choosing the correct trainer for you by Simply Sweat. It isn’t just about which ones look the best it’s about identifying your foot type so you can choose the most suitable shoes. If you overpronate, you’ll probably have a low arch which can lead to overuse injuries so it’s important you choose stability or motion controlled footwear and avoid cushioned shoes.

Pronation Explained: Choosing the Correct Running Shoe by Simply Sweat

And lastly, here are some easy foot exercises to try and prevent overpronation by In Balance Physical Therapy. The first set of exercises use a yellow ball to help mobilise the feet and to stretch each of the four arches by rolling and picking up the ball. The second set uses a towel to help strengthen the muscles of the foot and the third is the golf ball stretch which is useful to combat heel pain. Finally the video looks at the range of motion of your foot with inversion and eversion exercises. All these exercises will help those with overpronation to strengthen the muscles and prevent injury.

Ball Rolls and Pick Ups by In Balance Physical Thearpy


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