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The Audi Nines MTB 2019 | Highlights

It's fair to say that this year's event was something extremely special

Featured Image: Syo van Vliet

Bangers. Wall to wall bangers. Nothing but bangers. Bang tidy bangers. Bang, bang, you’re dead bangers. Cillit Bang(ers). Audi Nine MTB 2019 bangers. Bangers ‘n’ Mash. So many bangers

Nearly 4,000 spectators went to the Ellweiler stone quarry near Birkenfield to watch the conclusion of The Audi Nines MTB 2019. And boy, oh boy, were they treated to a spectacle. 28 of the world’s greatest mountain bikers, at an event put on in collaboration with Bikepark Idarkopf, gathered together with the aim of progressing their sport to brave new heights (sometimes literally).

The invited riders, a hand-selected group of absolute rippers, wowed the crowd with sessions on the spot’s Big Air Jump, Freeride, Slopestyle lines, and the iconic “Perfect Hip” at the quarry’s bottom.

“The level we saw today was just crazy”

Germany’s Nico Schloze and Erik Fedko took the wins in the Big Air (DH Bike) and Best Line (Slopestyle) respectively while American Nicholi Rogatkin placed first in Big Air (Hardtail) and Spaniard Bienvenido Aguado Alba claimed top spot in the Big Line (Freeride). The day’s excitement ended with a crowd-wowing session on the site’s gargantuan hip, with riders soaring to jaw-dropping heights.

“This was the best public display we’ve done in 25 events,” said Audi Nines creator Nico Zacek. “Usually it’s more about the video and photo shoots for us. But the energy from thousands of cheering fans is amazing for the athletes. It gave them extra motivation to perform their best, and the level we saw today was just crazy.”

Video Highlights From The Audi Nines MTB 2019

Banger’s ‘n’ Mash Edit

Nicholi Rogatkin, Twister No Hander

Bienvenido Aguado, Tsunami Front Flip

Jackson Goldstone, Double Backflip

Tom Isted, Double Barrel Roll

Credit: Klaus Polzer
Credit: Klaus Polzer
Credit: Klaus Polzer
Credit: Klaus Polzer

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