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Six seconds doesn't seem like much time to showcase some insane footage, but after checking out hundreds of Vines online, it seems that anything is possible if you know how to use it.

"Gnarly slams to epic wins, the viewing possibilities are endless..."

That's the beauty of it - you don't have to be a pro with a camera to make the most of it, which is why there are literally hundreds of thousands of Vines to watch.

We've gathered a few highlights from the best of Vine for your enjoyment. Gnarly slams to epic wins, the viewing possibilities are endless... [part title="Wakeboarding Fields"]

This dude shows that you don't need a lake and a boat for some epic wake boarding! That backdrop is sick!

[part title="80 Foot Monster Wave"]

Earlier in the year, British plumber (yes, a plumber!) rode what is possibly the biggest wave in history, riding a 80ft beast off the coast of Portugal. You can check our interview with him here!

Obviously there was someone there to Vine it. Probably the greatest 6 seconds of this man's life!

Also, check out John John Florence riding a huge line in his own backyard. Hawaii isn't a bad part of the world to live in, eh?

[part title="Two-Man Backflip"]

This two-man backflip on a snowmobile is outrageous. Check out what the dude on the back does mid-air - it's sick!

Obviously the Nitro Circus has to take it to the next level with this Piggy Back Backflip. Could the guy on the back be holding on any tighter?

[part title="Smooth Skating"]

He'll probably claim he meant to do this but the outcome of this rail gone wrong is still pretty sweet!

[part title="Is This Real?"]

You can decide for yourself whether this is real or not. I'm not convinced but I'd like to be proven otherwise.

It's not the first time a Vine like this has asked questions. As fake as the one below looks, it's totally real!

[part title="BMX Triple Backflip"] Jed Mildon landed the first ever triple backflip way back in 2011 but it still looks as sick as ever.

[part title="Mountain Bike Canyon Gap"]

New Zealander Kelly McGarry stomped this huuuuuuge backflip over a 72ft canyon at the Red Bull Rampage in 2013.

Somehow, he only managed to secure 2nd place... What the hell did you gave to do to get first?!

[part title="The Billy Morgan Triple Cork"]

After his stellar performance at the Sochi Olympics, it's only right we take another look at Billy Morgan's first Backside Triple Cork. Balls of steel.

It's not always plain sailing for riders though, as this poor soul kindly demonstrates...

[part title="Backflip Chain"]

This is just the most ridiculous spectacle. 30 people holding hands, doing a backflip. And every one of them stomped it!

[part title="Basejumping Skier"]

This is simply awesome. The guy just skis off a cliff but check out what's below him!