Maya Gabeira nearly drowned off the coast of Portugal last October while surfing Nazare. Photo: @mgabeira

Now we don’t want to put you off getting involved in extreme sports. To be honest you’d be more likely to get run over by a bus than lose your life nailing a rail in the park. But there are a few athletes out there who to put it nicely are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

"You're more likely to get run over by a bus than lose your life nailing a rail in the park"

Always eager to push the bar that little bit higher they put themselves in life threatening circumstances on a regular basis. These guys have come so close to death, they have probably grabbed a glimpse of the pearly gates. We reckon these guys are pretty lucky to be alive.

[part title="Johno Verity"]

Getting caught in an avalanche is very real danger for skiers and snowboarders. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be caught up in one then check out Johno Verity’s jaw dropping account. You will never leave the piste without your avalanche kit ever again.

[part title="Callum Pettit"]

Back in 2010, Teton Gravity Research were filming a new segment with Callum Pettit when he decided to drop in on a seemingly innocent looking run.

At the bottom of the run was a crevasse in the shape of a single hole. Callum knew he had to miss it and was confident he could do so.

However, he didn’t factor in the possibility that he could fall down the mountain, which he did. He tumbled and tumbled then ended up falling down the hole and into a crevasse.

How deep was it though? Take a look for yourself.

[part title="Maya Gabeira"]

It’s no secret that Maya Gabeira has nerves of steel. She has after all nailed some of the biggest waves on the planet.

She recently travelled to Nazaré in Portugal where she took one of the biggest wipeouts we have ever seen.

Thankfully Carlos Burle was on hand to find her and administered CPR immediately, saving her life.

[part title="Cam Zink"]

Red Bull Rampage is easily on the list of ‘craziest events ever’ but you have to remember that the athletes competing in it are even crazier!

Take Cam Zink for example. He hits this huge jump but soon realises that it’s not going too well. Cam bails out of the jump halfway through, pushes the bike away and, like a cat, lands on his feet.

Fair enough the rest of his body follows and he crumples like a cheap newspaper but his only injury - bruised heels. You got lucky kid.

[part title="Jeb Corliss"]

Wingsuit flying and base jumping are among the most dangerous activities on the planet. If you decide to take it up, you will eventually die. That is a fact.

One guy however who seems to keep dodging death is Jeb Corliss. The guy is a complete nutter but incredibly talented. His near misses have been the subject of some of the most jaw-dropping videos you will ever see.

Check out his near miss on Table Mountain in South Africa, it’s guaranteed to leave you breathless.