Pond Skim Mammoth Mountain 2014

Pond Skim Mammoth Mountain 2014

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Following on from the Whitelines Whiteout Wipeout edit our sister site posted a few days ago we decided that pond skimming is fun, but watching people eat shit is even better.

Because the season only ended fairly recently, footage from end-of-winter pond-skim events is thick on the ground at the minute.

Which got us thinking - what better way to spend a few minutes of your day than enjoying the failures of people in stupid costumes face-planting in ice cold water?

[part title="Horsing Around "]

If you're going to do pond skimming then you may as well do it properly. Fancy dress is always a bonus, but two-man fancy dress is next level. Add in a mini-booter and your chances of making it across are pretty slim.

It's go hard or go home. Thankfully, in the words of the commentator, "THEY ARE NOT AFRAID!"

[part title="Japan Goes Crazy!"]

This (I can only assume) is Japan's equivalent of Ant and Dec going head-to-head in a pond skimming duel.

Now I don't want to give anything away, but it probably helps if you can ski first before trying this.

[part title="Russian Booters"]

Trust the Russians to take things to a ridiculous level - and to have it all sponsored up by Red Bull.

Fair play to these guys though, that's not a small booter they're launching themselves off!

[part title="Big Sky Big Bails"]

These are some of the gnarliest slams you'll see today.

This footage, taken over 3 years at Big Sky's annual pond skim event, has every kind of stack you could imagine.

We've got Super Mario taking off, Santa taking a hit, Eddie the Eagle trying to fly and some crazy shit going down at 44 seconds. This is insane.

[part title="Eat Shit"]

This is two minutes of pure madness. The double-pond from Big Sky makes another appearance, along with a massive run in and a little lip half way along the water resulting in some huge slams!

Some of these hits look incredibly painful. But the award for gnarliest slam? That has to go to 'Dave' at 1.20 for a huge face plant!