Many years ago, before kids' telly got shit, a man named Neil Buchanan used to grace our screens with Art Attack. He used to blow my mind week-in, week-out with pictures, sculptures and illusions.

The parody of him drawing a penis, aside, his artwork was pretty mesmerising, specially to a 10 year old kid.

Anyway this got us thinking - do optical illusions have any place in action sports? Probably not, but that hasn't stopped some creative sorts from trying.

Don't be fooled by what you are about to see. Nothing is real, everything is just an illusion... or is it?

1) Skating on Sand



When two worlds collide.

If New Zealand skate crew 3DSD aren't skating, they're spending their time frolicking about on beaches creating these rad pieces of sand art. They look class from above!



2) The Mountain Man


Falling asleep on the side of a mountain is both stupid and dangerous. This guy, however, doesn't seem to care. He must be freezing!

3) Rapid Roads


3D pavement art is all the rage these days. Englishman Julian Beever is big in the world of street art (apparently) and leaves his marks on the streets of Belgium.

That's him above taking a mystery brunette on the ride of her life. OK so the bottom one doesn't really have anything to do with action sports (unless you count parkour?) but it looks damn cool doesn't it?


4) Simon Beck


Bracknell-born Simon Beck is a full-on snow art enthusiast. While everyone else is trying to straightline as much as possible, he's all about going back over his tracks.

He travels all over Europe creating masterpieces like the one above just by walking around using a compass.

He travels up to 40km a time but the result is totally worth it. These are mesmerising!




5) Sand Works


Believe it or not these were created by complete amateurs who fancy themselves as artists. The diving board setup is a particular highlight.



6) Frames


This guy has been labelled the 'Russian Banksy' (or should that be Banski?) apparently and he's gained notoriety in the art world after leaving a series of Banksy-style pieces around Russian cities.

This is the one that grabbed our attention. What do you mean it has nothing to do with action sports? There's snow there, you could ride that... Sort of...

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