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It’s that time of the week again when we get to pore over Mpora in all its glory and bring you the raddest edits from the week gone by.

So with the weekend finally in reach, sit back and watch seven of the best edits to reach our screens this week.

[part title="Sidewalk 'Point of Interest' Episode 1: Malaga"]

Even before we’d made it to Christmas Harry Lintell, Barney Page, Nick Remon, Mark Baines, Nicky Howells and Korahn Gayle were already so over the dreary British winter that they decided to up sticks and head out to sunny Malaga on a pre-Christmas jolly.

Check out the first episode of Sidewalk's new 'Point of Interest' series to see that there’s a lot more terrain to Spain than the already well skated Barcelona.

[part title="Torstein Horgmo Back on His Board and Embracing the French Way of Life"]

In the newest Shred Bots edit Torstein Horgmo heads to France and does the most stereotypical thing you could probably do. Buys a baguette.

Aside from eating said baguette with more enjoyment than we thought possible, Torstein charges the DC Area 43 park in Meribel and shows us that he’s well and truly back on form after breaking his collar bone back in February at the Olympic slopestyle practice.

[part title="Sidewalk and Kingpin at the HTC One Skatepark"]

The pop up HTC One skatepark set in the unlikely location of Selfridges, is the largest indoor skatepark currently on offer in London.

Watch Tom Knox, Jake Harris, Chris Jones, Denis Lynn, Jake Harris, Reuben, Vaughan Jones, Tom Harrison, Denis Lynn and many more as they get stuck in to a private session.

[part title="DirtTV: In Deep – Andes Pacifico Full Film"]

Despite being labelled 'Mr Downhill', Adam Brayton didn't bat an eyelid when DirtTV tapped him up and asked him to jet out to Chile last month to tackle the Andes Pacifico.

Two days later and there he was, tackling an unknown enduro track which looks to be ridiculously fast, narrow and surrounded either side by lethal boulders. How does he fare? Watch the edit and find out.

[part title="Is This the Most Creative Halfpipe Setup of All Time?"]

Phil Casobon and Henrik Harlaut have surpassed themselves with this year's B & E halfpipe setup. Not only is it full of hips, bowls tunnels and even a full on loop-de-loop rail, but if you haven't noticed it's also shaped like a cock!

[part title="360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras"]


This edit will defintely mess with your mind. We're a few watches in and we still can't quite figure it out.

Give it a watch to see the first attempt at creating a 360° spherical panorama video using 6 GoPro cameras. It looks like they nailed it to us, but how we're still not quite sure.

[part title="Quiksilver Say Farewell to Kelly Slater in Emotional Tribute Image"]


No it wasn't an April Fools joke. After 23 years of partnership, Quiksilver and world champion surfer Kelly Slater have officially announced that as of 1st April 2014 they have gone their separate ways.

To pay tribute, here's a few decades of legendary surfing from the 11 time world champion all wrapped up in 90 seconds.